1. Hirer/client accept full responsibility of all goods hired/loaned to be returned in the same condition as the condition which the goods were at the time of hiring.
  2. A deposit will be kept and returned within a period of seven days from the time of hire.
  3. Any breakages or shortages will be the full responsibility of this hirer.
  4. Any goods hired must be paid for before four weeks prior to the function date.
  5. Any electrical required must be confirmed by our company and assessed by both us and the hall concerned before acceptance.
  6. Any candles or glasses hired if missing or broken will be charged to the hirer.
  7. The client/hirer is fully responsible to ensure that all goods hired our are returned in the same order unless stated and agreed otherwise.
    • Our company accepts to deliver or supply to any function on ground floor unless stated beforehand.
    • Our company, as far as flowers are concerned respect the colour requested would be the same or similar depending upon the availability and market season at such time.
  8. It is imperative that should a candle be displayed in a flower arrangement it does not mean it should be lit, please check with the people involved to check that is safe because we hold no responsibility.
  9. Our company will endeavour to do our utmost best to deliver our goods on time but if due to any unforeseeable circumstance should not be held responsible.
  10. As part of the contract we would ask what time the function would start and finish bearing in mind the preset part of decorations or equipment and also the time of collection of the hired material, goods, and equipments to be collected from the site. If the set time for recollections is delayed then charge will be incurred at the base rate £50 per 30 minutes unless agreed otherwise, prior the event.
  11. Delivery and collected charge applies to every order depending on the location of the event
  12. Any returns of goods or products supplied by our company not required is subject to charge of 25% or on our discretion.
  13. Any orders confirmed that are cancelled within 6 months prior to a function are entitled to lose their deposit.
  14. Any orders that are cancelled within 3 months prior to a function will result in a 50 % charge.
  15. Any orders that are cancelled less than months notice in writing would be charged 100% in full regardless.